Sunday, May 18, 2014

{ f O l k }

we spent the most glorious of saturdays at the folklife festival at foxie morgan's pharsalia plantation.

nelson county, virginia is one of the most beautiful places on earth, still mostly undiscovered (although i predict it will be the next napa valley), and inhabited by a diverse and oddly harmonious population of founding families, winemakers, beer brewers, farm-to-table chefs, friendly locals who drive old trucks with a couple of hounds in the back, artists, organic farmers and appalachian trail hikers.

the gardens at pharsalia are incredible.  foxie works a flower farm on the property.  i've never seen so many peony bushes in one place.   this is the herb garden.

there were several plein air artists scattered about capturing the beauty.

lovely chicken whisperer.

earth medicine.

the blue ridge was flaunting her magnificence on this day.

forager, flower-wearer, wild salad maker.

i had a cup of blood orange/turmeric/clove kombucha and it was amazing.

the early-season flower farm.  i'm taking one of foxie's flower arranging workshops in a few weeks and i can't wait to see how the gardens change between now and then.

shuttlecock catcher.

i am so grateful for this land and these people so near to home.

(not shown:  fiddlers, dancing children, giant bunnies, bagpipers and more.)

more about the festival here and a bit about nelson county's highway 151 (or as this california native calls it, "the 151") amazingness here.