Monday, June 2, 2014

a week in color {№9}

there is no doubt the weeks when spring is transitioning to summer are the most lush and technicolor of all.  we are living in a riot of colors here on gypsy hill.  it is almost (almost) too much for me.  it is right around this time when i dream of wearing white cotton voile sundresses with french linen pinafores to balance and soften my rainbow world.

here's what i was up to last week:

i planted a wood trough of succulents for the outdoor dining table (above).

i confirmed my love affair with all things floral at pharsalia's flower workshop.

i put together a mini outdoor altar.  mary and lakshmi, together in peace, bringing blessings to the homestead.

i finished planting the herbs on the kitchen balcony.  i just realized that in this photo, it pretty much looks like only flowers.  there's rosemary, lavender, three different thymes, oregano, green and purple basil, mint and cilantro in there as well.  also, the fig tree (off to the side) so far looks like it recovered from the polar vortex.

i made many many trips to the karma garden to gather this year's strawberry harvest.

i painted a bit.

i ate honeysuckle jam (honeysuckle jam!) that i got at the farmers' market.

i made the best guacamole known to man for memorial day afternoon but we ended up devouring it before lunch.

i ate this giant bowl of happy with avocado, organic greens and flowers from the farmers' market.

i got scapes at the market too.  have you had them?  i'm going to make pesto, i think.

this week the karma garden is giving us strawberries, catmint and arugula.  the tomatoes are beginning to flower and when i water them, they give off that tomato leaf scent that reminds me of my grandma's california garden.  reminds me of love.