Sunday, June 15, 2014

sunday grace

grace showed up this week in quiet moments, good stories, sunshine, rain and lots of rest.  and a patch of land that is pretty much heaven on earth for me:  evergreen lavender farm.

under a perfectly brilliant sun, folks gathered at the little farm in evergreen to celebrate the blooms at the annual lavender festival.  this small farm in central virginia grows six varieties of lavender.  the air was scented with the flowers and barbeque cooking on the fire.  while that seems like an odd mix, it totally worked.

we were free to wander about the farm (it's beautiful!) and harvest fists or jars full of lavender for a small cost while children ran and played and tiny yellow butterflies and bees danced in the air.

bands played under a canopy of trees; a song list that ranged from roger miller to sister sledge.  again, it totally worked.

i love this farm.  it's the perfect size and you can tell that people really live here.  and love their life.

sometimes i feel like i'm too old to still be dreaming about having my own flower and herb farm, but it's spaces like this that remind me it can still happen.

there was the typical festival fare, like artists, great food and drink (hello lavender lemonade), workshops and music, but this event felt more like a summer family reunion on the homestead.  it was comfortable and warm and genuine and happy.

one of my favorite things:  vintage chandeliers hung from massive trees.

more grace:  a mason jar of lavender next to the bed led to a deep restorative sleep laced with dreams of old friends and magical time travel.

happy sunday friends.