Friday, November 21, 2014

a week (or two or three) in color {№15}

the last brilliantly colorful, sunshiny autumn day.

goods from our local holiday vintage market.  we have such talented artists here in loveburg (i've added a new local linky area to my sidebar if you're interested).

finally, a green drink that doesn't make me spike, crash and burn.  inspired by the glowing green at little green hive: one banana, one cup frozen mango, two cups spinach, one cup almond milk (maybe more), one scoop amazing grass.  blend until smooth and spinach is emulsified (i.e. no little green specks).

if i had just one free wall in my house, i would have snatched all of these paint-by-number panels that were stacked two feet high in a junk shop.  because a wall of paint-by-number!

the christmas stuff is appearing bit by bit on gypsy hill.

i have a little interview in the current issue of mabel magazine.  it's kind of surreal to see bits of your life in print and a little intimidating to be included with artists and creatives you admire.  the magazine is full of stories and images to inspire and uplift.  stef and liz are doing such a remarkable job with this magazine (and their introduction to the interview made my heart glow).  plus, doesn't luca look so handsome?