Sunday, April 24, 2016

sunday grace: imaginary friends

imaginary friend {№4}:  the artist.  mixed media and image transfer on wood.  photo by leo matiz.

hello loves.

i'm deep into exploring my own personal archetypes over here.  i tend to think of them not in the traditional sense, but as muses:  badass gentle spirits whose lives, hearts and minds guide my own and spark curiosity and inspiration just when needed.

i like to call them my imaginary friends.

meet my artist friend, frida.

when we are lying around on the grass in the bright sunshine, exhausted after hours of talking and laughing, here are the things she whispers to me:

  • color is everything.
  • passion is everything.
  • justice is everything.
  • don't ever stop painting.
  • people will let you down, don't stop loving them.
  • animals will never let you down.
  • see it and say it.
  • be weird like me.
  • find other weird ones.
  • being a misfit is the most glorious gift.
  • visit the wilderness often.
  • visit the city often.
  • be well-read and never stop cultivating your intelligence.
  • be comfortable with silence and aloneness.
  • you must tend a garden and a home, they are the beautiful containers of your life.
  • scream when you need to scream.
  • dance when you need to dance.
  • paint.
  • paint.
  • paint.

(my spring|summer art project is to create a series of paintings of my imaginary friends.  i can't wait for you to meet them.)