Saturday, November 18, 2017

six senses saturday

  • this amazing green velvet.  we recovered the mid-century dining room chairs.
  • i turned down a public event with ken this weekend, saying, "i'm kind of done with people."  he laughed and said that sounded like the antidote to "up with people".  since then we've been rewriting with "up with people" songs with a soft, cozy, quiet, introvert's perspective. 
  • i realize that i need to taste something new and amazing each week if i'm going to be keeping up with this series.  honestly, there is nothing more sad than a week with no memorable tastes.
  • burning leaves.
  • peeled grapefruit.
  • my old dog luca is stuck to me like glue lately.  he always wants to be touching me.  i don't want to think about what this means, but i'm happy to place my hand on his curly mess of dog body any old time.
  • this morning's new moon in scorpio has me all kinds of mystic.  i can't help but see synchronicity and connection in the tiniest of things.
  • i had an epic dream earlier this week that was poetic and scary and beautiful and wonky and telling.