Saturday, November 25, 2017

six senses saturday

welcome to christmas at gypsy hill

  • lady bird
  • a lifetime of christmases as i open each box of the vintage ornaments.
  • swooshing through piles of raked leaves.
  • the tiny bells on the handmade wreath when the front door opens.
  • thank you, turkey, for thanksgiving dinner, leftovers for days, and four quarts of medicinal bone broth.
  • i ate a mashed potato sandwich on friday (leftover potatoes on a squishy roll).  and it was amazing.
  • putting things away.
  • giving things away.
  • throwing things away.
  • december on my skin, as the boughs of pine and spruce and juniper are cut and tied together.
  • gratitude runs deeper than a list when you value the dark, the light, the mistakes, the triumphs, the loss, and the love.
  • translating the qualities of presence for an upcoming class i'm teaching, noticing the nuances of what it means to be attuned to now.