Saturday, May 17, 2008

bake town

today's forecast for my hometown is 104 degrees. yes, today is may 17th. now, you bakersfield natives are pretty heat-hardy folk as the temp consistently tops 100 every day in the summer. but this is crazy and I don't envy you (and I won't make it worse by posting that I'm enjoying a perfect spring day of 75 and sunny...oh, I just did). anyway, in an effort to make you feel better, here are some things you have to enjoy today that are truly missed by this homesick ex-pat. don't take them for granted:
  1. smiley-face cookies from smiths bakery
  2. black & white at the original dewar's
  3. biscuits & gravy at zingos (I sense a food theme here)
  4. guthrie's alley cat (there, have some cocktails)
  5. mexican food (any will do, trust me, you have no idea what bad mexican food is until you move away from california; um, food again)
  6. shopping for vintage clothes downtown
  7. everyone has a pool! well, everyone knows someone who has a pool.
  8. the set-up at woolgrowers (I dream about pyrenees bread dipped in that soup!)
  9. night swimming
  10. is wildflower time over? if not, take a drive up the canyon
  11. watermelon la rosa bars
  12. walking down oleander on the uneven sidewalks

hopefully by monday the temps will be normal and you can hit the bike trail to work off all that fabulous food.