Wednesday, May 21, 2008


so the mister is in nyc at a theatre workshop for the week. I couldn't tag along because of work. when I compare the places he gets to go for his job with the places I get to go for my job, it really makes me reconsider my career choice.

him: nyc, portland, london, edinburgh, barcelona, florence.

me: crack houses and double-wides just south of nowhere, surrounded by barbed wire with a rebel flag every 10 feet or so and guarded by malnourished (and therefore hungry and angry) pit bulls.

well, I actually get to go to some nice homes too, but I'm trying to make a point.

anyway, as much as I love being with him, I really like alone time too.

here are some things I'm enjoying that I wouldn't normally do:

  1. dinner monday night: popcorn
  2. dinner tuesday night: pancakes
  3. dinner tonight? hmm...popcorn or pancakes?
  4. gossip girl
  5. armloads of honeysuckle from the yard in vases throughout the house
  6. drinking the entire pot of coffee (which leads to #7)
  7. dancing in the living room with wild abandon and no apprehension about mortification should someone come home early and catch me mid-groove.
here's my current dwm mix

  • in between days, the cure
  • under the milky way, the church
  • blister in the sun, violent femmes
  • come dancing, the kinks
  • blue monday, new order
  • give it away, red hot chili peppers
  • strange love, depeche mode
  • discotheque, u2
  • never say never, romeo void
  • lips like sugar, echo & the bunnymen

yes, ten songs is all I can manage. so not nineteen anymore.