Monday, September 8, 2008

mosaic monday

happy monday sunshines!

I'd like to share a bit of color from the Q.C.

charlotte, nc is called the queen city not only because it was named after royalty. it's a lively southern city dripping with sweet southern charm. I visited for a couple of days, but plan to return to explore more of it's neighborhoods.

things I loved:
  • the artful mix of vintage city with modern banking money in downtown (or uptown, I couldn't get it straight).
  • the mint museum of craft & design.
  • the southern comfort food: especially dish and mert's heart and soul (I shot some photos of these meals...cornbread, biscuits, fried green tomatoes, grilled pimento cheese sandwich, mac & cheese...but alas, as yummy and calorie-worthy as they were, they were not very colorful, pretty much plates of beige and pale yellow).
  • quirky little neighborhoods like noda and the plaza bursting with art, color and life.
charlotte is just beautiful.

if you'd like to see my photos of lovely charlotte in a slideshow, please click here.