Friday, September 5, 2008

tiny b says

faith trumps luck.

some may say they are the same. but to me there are subtle, yet powerful differences between these two things. luck is passive. hopeful, yes, but still just waiting to see what the outcome will be, whatever it will be. faith is forward, positive, at cause and focused on a variety of positive experiences that will result from everyday action and experience. even when bad things happen, faith tells us it's for a reason, a lesson, the bigger plan. I like that.

(tiny b is yet another alter-ego I've brought out because I get a wee bit embarrassed when I get all spiritual and floaty. I'm normally very grounded and realistic and blush a bit when I feel more like walking a labyrinth than gathering the facts. I'm sure all my friends in the mental health field are beginning to worry about lola and tiny b. only two so far, that's not so bad, right?)