Friday, September 19, 2008

a whole new mind

today we had our annual leadership retreat at work. we gathered at our boss' historic home filled to the brim with art and antiques. we broke into small discussion groups to review the book a whole new mind.

the book teaches us that persons who are right-brained thinkers (creatives, intuitives, etc.) will be more valued in the american workplace in the future. we set about to discuss how the following six senses can be integrated into our agency.

design: the creation of something (work environment, programs, paperwork) that is beautiful, whimsical, emotionally engaging.

story: the essence of persuasion, communication and self-understanding that can become the ability to fashion a compelling narrative.

symphony: putting pieces together, seeing the big picture, crossing boundaries, making a new whole.

empathy: understanding what makes people act, believe, resist; forge new relationships, provide meaningful service.

play: the benefits of laughter, lightheartedness, games and humor in the workplace.

meaning: creating purpose and fulfillment in our work and lives.

did I mention that I work for the government? it was so refreshing to to move away (if only momentarily) from law, budget, rules and bureaucracy.

a retreat, indeed.