Monday, October 6, 2008

mosaic monday

it was a slightly extraordinary ordinary autumn weekend spent in town:
  1. the photography show I still can't believe happened.
  2. discovered an entire shelf of vintage french books at a local bookstore.
  3. did some window shopping.
  4. dinner at a local tavern (fish & chips and india pale ale).
  5. then snuggled up in the balcony with the mister at a concert (piano quartet this time around, in an attempt to mix it up a bit).
  6. sunday morning coffee and reading the newspaper at starlight (really I'm not a total narcissist...we go there almost every sunday. my photos just happen to be showing there right now.).
  7. the leaves are starting to turn. beautiful.
  8. pumpkins! (still looking for the perfect one).
  9. election signs are popping up everywhere. I don't care which way you swing, as long as you cast your vote (well, not entirely true: go blue!).
have a spectacular monday everyone!