Wednesday, October 22, 2008

quite contrary

one of the reasons I write this blog and take photographs is to help me remember to stay in the moment and be more accepting. I'm a wee bit flighty and impulsive. I need to slow down and experience the way things are at any given moment. I'm always saying (2 seconds into an experience), "that was great, what's next?" or pining away for the opposite experience. in winter, I long for cookouts and margaritas. in summer, I dream of crisp snowy nights. I often disagree just so there's a lively discussion. if cropped pants are "out", I'm wearing them. every day.

take, for example, my lovely new watering can purchased at heliotrope in atlanta (great store!). I love it's color and that it's made of recycled materials. while driving home, I was eyeing it in the car, dreaming of my spring garden, potting, planting and watching my garden grow. october isn't even over and I love fall. what gives?

it is pretty though, isn't it?

p.s. (an update) talk about contrary: someone stole our obama sign out of our yard! something is really wrong when your right to a democratic opinion is stolen. oh well, they can steal the sign, but they can't steal the votes.

oh wait, they've done that before...