Monday, March 22, 2010

a happy monday

three beautiful days off this week to do with what I please. here's what I please:

  • spring cleaning. me and mrs. meyers basil are going to do some serious mojo clearing.
  • then I'm going to get dirty. little pots of alyssum, thyme, rosemary and mint are patiently waiting for more permanent homes.
  • this is what I will be listening to while playing housewife.
  • oh and there will be breaks. lots of them. which means reading. you know I read two or three books at a time right? (I've a bit of a.d.d.) currently loving this because it's making me laugh and this because it's making me think. and not about broken babies and shifty lawyers.
  • brene's program came in the post last week. it's been sitting on my desk softly whispering, "it's okay to wait to watch me. you're absolutely right, you are at the edge of a big shift with some huge decisions to make. and yes, I am going to give you some information that leaves you no choice but to move toward something new. it's scary, I know. trust me."
  • pedi+massage.
  • oh sweet jesus. nurse jackie returns.
  • and here's the biggy: I'm going to take a peek (just a little peek) at the job market. the signs can't get any clearer: it's time for a change.
happy monday friends!