Monday, November 8, 2010

today i am grateful for

having to make this choice:  paris or prague?

if you've been around here a while, you know i've been crazy-planning my paris trip.  as usual in the curious casa, something came up to get in the way.  but this time, it was another destination...ken is taking his theatre students to the prague quadrennial exhibition of theatre design. 

at first i was all pissy.  and i was resentful because ken suggested we just do both (oh, the unlimited summer thinking of a teacher...). 

then i got a grip.

and i remembered the 24 year old me who sat in the public library reading travel books.  and i reminded myself that i'm trying to be more flexible and spontaneous and adventurous.  and then i thought that prague seems like a darker, less-cliche version of paris, so it just might be the city for me.

i am so thankful that i get to go to places i used to just dream about. 

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