Thursday, November 11, 2010

today i am grateful for

moments of "exercise".

i abhor the gym.  all the sweat and grunting and bad music and silicone can ruin my day in the blink of an eye.  and the shots i had to have during batgate 2010 left my joints stiff and unpredictable.  and in all honesty, i just flat-out neglect my yoga class and really any regular fitness program. 

so when i have the opportunity to take a walk up to court during my work day, i jump on it.  it's two blocks straight up from my office and then 200-some steps. 

of course, i'm even more grateful for the walk back to the office.

p.s.  there are so many projects to make with japanese masking tape!  i'm primarily using them in some mixed media work i'm doing right now, but i also covered a plastic headband to make perfect stripes.  google "japanese masking tape projects"...there are so many wonderful ways to use it.