Saturday, November 13, 2010

today i am grateful for


three weeks ago today, my saturday morning routine went something like this:
  • wake at 5am to a dark silent house
  • climb three flights of stairs to the kitchen to make coffee
  • open the giant doors to be greeted by the sea and stars
  • sit in the big white chair wrapped in a blanket, sip coffee and gaze at the horizon line
  • watch as the faint pink line begins to glow and deepen to red
  • when it is light enough, take coffee and camera and head to the sand
  • quietly and respectfully navigate other morning beachsitters as they experience their own sunrise
  • literally hold back tears as the sea slowly gives you a giant ball of fire
  • love how your skin is glowing golden pink
  • forget holding back the tears
  • feel small and powerful at the same time
  • love how everyone knows the exact time to start being social with cheerful greetings
  • wish for girlfriends in everyday life who say, "good morning beautiful" and mean it
good morning beautifuls.