Sunday, July 10, 2011

one hundred things i love {41-50}

41.  thrift store glass
42.  super chewy candy:  big hunks, salt water taffy, maryjanes and the best peanut butter chews known to man
43.  the idea of having my own organic farm (i'm much too lazy for the reality)
44.  walking outside on a hot humid summer morning and being hit with the sultry scent of jasmine
45.  the discovery of a new favorite band whose music makes me feel, think, dance and sing out loud in my car
46.  my new ice cream maker
47.  the way babies say hi to everyone when they first learn how (why do we lose the courage to make friends with abandon?)
48.  do-nothing weekends
49.  having a wild imagination:  i can't think of anything more dreadful than the limits of concrete thinking
50.  that feeling of connection when someone really gets me