Monday, July 4, 2011

things i do that are weird

  • i must have a blue icee whenever i'm on a roadtrip.
  • that's not really the weird thing.  the weird thing is that i insist on taking a photo of my blue tongue every single time.  and totally crack myself up over the whole affair.  the collection of blue tongues would have made a very interesting travel collage and i'm sad i've deleted them.  note to self.
  • also, i'm greatly pleased at how my tongue totally goes with my sunglasses in this photo.
  • as i'm writing this, i realize that tongues are weird.
  • no really, think about it.  they are freakin' weird.
  • people think i'm reserved when they first meet me.  i must be quietly observing.
  • i get mad crushes on rockstars.  i still dream of being a big-time groupie.  (i've been a small-time groupie...not so rewarding.)
  • i am quietly rebellious.  take my short hair for instance.  i have great hair and it's fabulous when it's long, but i can't stand how culture dictates that women have to have long hair and how their husbands/boyfriends insist they can't cut their hair.  it's my tiny feminist protest. 
  • sometimes i'm not-so-quietly rebellious.
  • i think about random stuff in yoga and it makes me giggle uncontrollably, like when i was a little girl in church.  also, i can perseverate on something really stupid in yoga.  last week a partial memory from years ago flashed in my head:  a friend showing me a chopper in her garage.  it was a full-on-easy-rider-1970's-big-seat-in-back chopper.  this random memory engaged my mind for the good part of ten minutes.  so while my body was doing its best to execute standing bow pose, my brain was all, "why did she have a chopper?  where did she get it?  people don't ride choppers anymore...hey, standing bow pose is kinda chopper-esque in appearance...we are all choppers..."  then the aforementioned uncontrollable giggling.   it's humiliating. 
  • it's weird that every time i type the word weird, i type it "wierd" first.
  • now i can't stop looking at the word.  am i spelling this right?
  • i rename other people's dogs in my own head.  also, when i'm driving down the street and see a dog, i name it.  i have a huge file of really great dog names in my head.  you should consult me before you name your dog.
  • i put potato chips inside my tuna sandwiches and on top of my hotdogs.
  • i watch the biggest loser while lounging on the sofa with a giant bowl of buttered popcorn.
  • i've just realized that there is a need for a "things that i do that are weird, part two" post.  i'm kinda wierd.