Saturday, July 2, 2011


i am all about me lately. 

it feels strange to write on my blog...clearly the most self-indulgent vehicle ever invented...that i'm taking some time to reflect on self.  i'm taking this month to explore, edit, redefine or affirm, adjust and share. 

bikram yoga has me feeling a bit like a blank canvas.  this is a really good thing.  my body has been able to release stale ideas, resentment, stress, shame and expectations.  i did not realize how much of these emotional toxins are stored in the physical body.  it feels a bit like a physical manifestation of true forgiveness.  it's not earth-shattering.  just clean.

i don't know what this exploration has in store.  this month my blog may be more of a personal journal than normal.  maybe more words, less photographs.  could be less personal, who knows?  sometimes my outward presentation is sheltering some deep work going on inside.  maybe today is the only day i will feel this way. 

what i know is that i'm paying attention.  grateful for awareness.  trying to hush the inner critic who's whispering that taking time to focus on self (and sharing it for pete's sake!) is quite indulgent and egocentric. 

yes, yes it is.