Monday, November 7, 2011


so i had one of those great weekends where everything seemed possible.  everyone's energies were in sync and the mood was clear and bright.  i had space and time for yoga, art, cooking, photography, cuddly naps and talks.  it was effortless.  i am so grateful for these gifts.

i painted frog girl on the cover of my 2012 planner and in a wildly enthusiastic fit named it 'the year of extraordinary things'.  i am so very grateful to mindy; she taught me to paint and gave me the courage that goes with it.  the courage to play and make mistakes and try again.

i am also grateful to pixie.  in her class about animal spirits at serendipity, i pulled the frog card.  at first i was slightly disappointed in my selection.  i was hoping for something a bit more majestic, like bear or mountain lion or wise like owl.  maybe something beautiful like peacock.  nope.  frog.

but the more i learned about frog spirit, i realized she is exactly the totem i need at this time in my life.  she is about metamorphosis and transformation and cleansing and healing.  she is about joy, creativity, abundance, voice.  frog clears negativity from space, internal and external.    frog is sounding quite nice now, isn't she?

so on this monday morning, i'm pulling on my imaginary frog hat to see if i can hold on to the optimism throughout the day once i leave the beauty of my little magical pond.

happy monday friends.