Wednesday, April 18, 2012

spaciousness and kale confetti

it's been a few months since i started working with my health coach meg and i wanted to give you a progress report. 

i had mixed feelings about asking for help, especially with something i feel is very intimate and personal.  i was very nervous about talking and sharing.  but i made the decision that if i was going to do it i was going to share without edits in order to receive guidance on the raw messy honesty of my wellbeing.

meg asked me to make a list of all the accomplishments--big and small--that i've made since we started working together.  the list is long my friends.  it includes things like kale confetti and quinoa and the realization that i actually love them.  there are many many small and significant things and a few very powerful things that i'm still learning to share my life with.   it's funny how we have to get used to positive bigness in our lives.

the most significant shift for me revolves around the art of creating space.  i can easily get bogged down in the mire of life, work, history, relationships.  just like you, if i had to guess.  sometimes i feel like i weigh five hundred pounds as i dutifully slog through and try to make my way to the magical land called unburdoned. 

the journey has become so much lighter since i've been practicing letting go of feelings that aren't my feelings.  hunger that isn't my hunger.  needs that aren't my needs.  fear that isn't my fear.  teaching the art of recognizing and releasing these things is meg's speciality.  this beautiful thing happens when you drop the heaviness of others' energy and focus on your own:  a tiny opening appears and the light pokes in.  space is created.  so much space.  your own unique brand of energy is freed up to make more art and love and inspiration.  all of a sudden there is plenty of room for more beauty, vibrancy, sound sleep, wild dreaming.

spaciousness is such a gift.

if you are curious about working with a coach and the possibility of more space and beauty and health in your life, have a look at meg's website  she's awesome.  i promise.