Sunday, July 21, 2013

this summer week

i spent last week mainly on the road with my gypsy job:  spreading child protection practice to the far corners of the commonwealth of virginia.  this week was one of my favorite locations:  abingdon.  i love my job, but i was not overly excited about traveling the deathtrap that is interstate 81 during peak family vacation time AND the last week of mercury retrograde.  i said lots of prayers and brought along tiny b and ganesh for good mojo and safe travels.

all was well.

it is the summer of rain.  i have never seen so much rain.  while in abindgon, there were two dangerous thunderstorms and flooding.  sheesh.  but it sure looks pretty on the hotel window with the blue ridge mountains in the background.

the rain stopped long enough for a walk in the old downtown neighborhood, just off of main street in abingdon.  every charming house has a lovely garden.  most have friendly neighbors offering greetings from their porches.  it's one of my favorite things to do.

i returned safety to my home, my husband and wild dogs and ended the week with a trip to the farmer's market.  it is overrun with flowers and fruits and vegetables and nice people.

i picked up a loaf of freshly baked blue cheese/apple/walnut bread and we enjoyed a breakfast of it with a smear of fig jam.

luca insists i return to routine, no matter how much i travel.  first priority is always a walk at sunrise.

i hope next week is beautiful and happy and safe for you.