Sunday, March 9, 2008

25 Things I Never Get Tired Of (or My Beautiful Life as a List)

  1. Morning coffee: Strong with one shot of espresso, three sweet & lows and skim milk.
  2. Rainbows and brilliant colors all mixed up together. When I’m having a gloomy day, I’ll wear a multicolor striped sweater and/or nickname myself Rainbeau and it always works to put me in a better frame of mind.
  3. The sound of Mia’s laughter.
  4. Playground swings and animal spring riding toys. Especially the toucan at Beale Park in my hometown. I could ride that thing for hours! In summer, it would burn the inside of my thighs and I didn’t care one bit.
  5. My dogs (except during the third Monkey Hour of the day!).
  6. How unapologetically dependent and vulnerable I can be with my husband every once in a while. I can just fold myself into his body and disappear with no worries (heaven).
  7. Nightly baths complete with Lush’s Waving Not Drowning bath bomb and a Corgi face hanging over the edge of the tub.
  8. U2.
  9. Having a good loud rant, preferably with an equally loud friend who totally agrees with me so we both leave feeling totally justified and indignant.
  10. Vintage t-shirts. My favorites are Go Climb a Rock from Yosemite and my baseball tee from the US Festival (although it’s depressing that things I actually did are now considered vintage).
  11. Being a Native Californian.
  12. Words. My current favorites are kismet, karma, akimbo, and kabash. I’m in a K phase.
  13. Pancakes!
  14. Real diners.
  15. Paisley.
  16. Outdoor art festivals.
  17. Magazines. My favorites are Sunset (missing the West Coast) and modern home magazines from the UK, like Living Etc.
  18. Uninterrupted deep sleep.
  19. Trying to fit all those “in my next life…” hopes into this life.
  20. Road trips.
  21. Margaritas and fish tacos.
  22. Funkifying my house.
  23. Gardenias.
  24. The sound and smell of a campfire.
  25. Making lists.