Monday, March 31, 2008

cake walk

remember cake walks?
my first one was in mrs. pfister's kindergarten classroom at the castro lane elementary school carnival. it was weird being at school at night. even weirder was the mix of adults and kids vying for the baked beauties. we obediently paraded in a circle while mrs. agan played the piano (no records here, this was the real thing), carefully stepping on the letters and numbers where my bottom sat that very morning patiently awaiting finger painting time (and wishing that melissa rea would sit down already so we could get on with it!). the music stopped and...I'm not sure what happened next. can anyone remember the rules? did you have some sort of ticket? did they draw for the letters/numbers? all I know is that I didn't win the coveted strawberry cake.

now I can make my own and won't it look lovely on this gorgeous cake stand by whitney smith at etsy?