Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WTF? wednesday

This little blog has been such a nice departure from my day job. I've filled it with things that are happy, whimsical, inspiring, pretty. But those who know me understand that there is another side to me. I can be quite sardonic, sarcastic and sometimes downright mean. I try really hard to make sense of the world and get very impatient with really stupid people and ideas. The dark side keeps trying to sneak it's way into this space, so I thought I would commit a weekly (or less) post to those things I find silly, condescending or that I feel have no place on a thinking woman's planet. I'm not going to take on the big issues, just little annoyances...things that make me think WTF?

First up: the double bathtubs in the cialis commercials. It's bad enough that I have to be bombarded with multiple messages about ED (thank you, Tivo!), but what is with the double bathtubs? They are in every single cialis commercial. All the couples are enjoying precoital activities (you know, the usual walking in the forest, washing the dishes together, petting each other's faces) and they all end up in separate bathtubs OUTSIDE. The white couple's bathtubs overlook a Pacific sunset, the black couple is bathing in what appears to be the Everglades. Where are these bathtubs? Who does this? Maybe their choice of foreplay activities has something to do with the presenting issue.

I told you it wasn't going to be about the big issues.