Friday, July 3, 2009

five senses friday*


we put a bottle tree in our backyard a few weeks ago. I'm enjoying finding beautifully colored bottles to perch on its branches. it really is magical. in the daylight, the sun streams through the glass, bouncing off the different colors with sparkly energy. it's uplit at night, so it positively glows in the dark and fireflies buzz through the boughs with curiosity.

happy children: a lovely consequence (and most likely the subconscious cause) of taking the risk to photograph real people (as opposed to just beautiful things) is seeing and being with healthy, loving families with joyful children who are oblivious to pain and suffering. my heart swells.


I love the smokey-sulphury afterburn of fireworks. weird, I know. (I think the attraction to chemical smells like sulphur and gasoline is actually considered a clinical disorder. add it to the list...)


I can't stop listening to the soothing french-folky music of carla bruni and keren ann. something about this music slows me down and makes me acutely aware of sensual experiences.


cherries. berries. peaches.

we purchased a few jars of jalapeno-blackberry jam at a local farm last weekend. it's so yummy smeared with goat cheese on a cracker.


there's nothing like staying in a hotel for a week that makes me appreciate my sheets, my bed, my water pressure, my dogs, my man.

happy weekend beautiful ones!!!

*as always, thank you ms. abby for this lovely idea.