Monday, July 6, 2009

mosaic monday

happy, happy monday friends.

I just had to share more photos of precious ruby from this weekend. if you'd like to see a growing set, click here to see the slideshow. I happily spent most of my weekend processing images of this spirited one and those from another session with a baby (coming soon).

I face my "day job" work week this morning with a clear head and a balance I haven't felt in a while. while I was processing photos, my mind was processing the experience of taking photographs and how juxtaposed it is with my real job. strangely though, this didn't make me want to turn in a resignation letter today and wander off into the sunset with camera in tow. it made it all seem complete, like a loop was closed. I can't really put it into words right now for as is typical me, I'll need to think think think this whole thing through and back again.

I want to practice more and more and more. one of the true joys of my life is learning and mastering skills. my school of photography is this: take a happy being, make a connection, spend some time, laugh, talk, learn, play, explore.

oh and take some photos while you're there.