Friday, July 17, 2009

five senses friday*


I'm in serious hibernation mode this week, so I'm all about reading and watching old movies and avoiding any unnecessary conversations. these three are my favorites (this week anyway). brian keith was my very first older-man crush. it's the voice.

and I'm much too old to be enjoying the twilight series this much.


too many voices. too many complaints. too many people who need me to fix their *&%ing problems. (therefore, hibernation mode.) I'm not blaming the individual here, but sometimes when relentless neediness comes at me from all sides, it gets a little old.


cool, crunchy cucumbers. love them.


we mulched the landscaped areas of the yard with redwood chips. when I water (which I've been doing a lot of this week because it's the most zen thing I do and I need it), the slight scent of northern california fills the air. when I was a teenager, a group of us rode bicycles down the coast. for a short period, I was separated from the crowd and riding alone on a curvy highway. on my right was the pacific. to my left a redwood forest. I vividly remember the exhilarating and slightly scary feeling of wild independence I experienced. and the salty, woodsy air filling my lungs.


book in hand. sun on face.

hope you experience it this weekend.

*thanks abby, I can't get enough of fsf.