Friday, July 10, 2009

five senses friday*


I'm trying on new lenses, new filters and new skills with my photography and am love-love-loving the results. the quiet tones are really speaking to me right now.


more quiet. the mid-summer cps lull is upon us (I'm not sure it's less child abuse, just less telling about it) at the office; neighborhoods and workplaces around town are abandoned for vacations. ahh....


there's something heady and very southern-scented in the garden. I can't determine where it's coming from...possibly some greenery because none of the blooms are taking responsibility. regardless, it's like heaven at twilight.

and don't you just love that instant rush of a scent when rain hits a dry hot sidewalk?


tzatziki. lots of it. I've been eating well this summer (trying to follow a south beach-type diet and it's working--21 lbs. so far). my nutrition revolves around organic chicken, wild salmon, greek yogurt, salads, cucumbers, tomatoes and berries. I love all these foods, but the whole protein-salad routine gets a bit dull. this week, I made a batch of awesome tzatziki and am eating it with chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes and even by itself. it's spiced things up a bit.


the feeling part of my week has been more emotional than sensory. I feel balanced, loved, connected, certain, excited. how often do we get all these things at once? I'm relishing it. I hope you feel the same, dear friends.

*fsf is the brainchild of abby.