Friday, April 2, 2010

five senses friday*

  • so grateful to live in a city that continues to spend on brilliant public garden beds despite financial issues.
  • I dreamt last night that I had a remote control that put things and people on mute. sadly, it was one of the best dreams I have ever had. lately I feel so assaulted by volume.
  • it's in the eighties this week. sun kissed skin and inaugural lunch al fresco.
  • you know when the first raindrops touch warm pavement and that scent briefly rises? it happened this week. it's always the most pleasurable the first time it occurs in the year.
  • nothing new this week, but totally finding comfort in the old standbys: almond flavored coffee, greek yogurt, anchovies on my caesar salad.
have a beautiful weekend loves!
*fsf inspired by abby.