Sunday, April 18, 2010

in the garden

i love the enthusiasm i feel in the garden in the first warm days of spring. this year i owe my garden extra time and attention. in return, it provides a beautiful world separate from the realities of everyday life.

as with most things i do, my garden is a work in progress. so that i don't lose interest or money, i like to build it one day and one week and one year at a time. a few years ago, i decided to switch over from mostly established large shrubs and tress to perennials and lots of pots overflowing with annuals, that takes some testing and maintenance and is not inexpensive. the big projects are done: we've built a retaining wall and fence to allow more room for the dogs to romp and frolic.

ginormous boston ferns will always hang from the arbor. i swear they have their own little air conditioners attached.

we spend a lot of time out here (even in winter). mornings are by far the best. the dappled sunlight provided by the wee forest of trees is incredible during the day, but at night manmade lighting is crucial. there are landscape lights, uplights, two chandeliers, giant jars with beeswax candles and fairy lights on the arbor. it's truly magical. (now that i know how to shoot at night, i'll capture a photo of it this year.)

hands-down, it's my favorite place to be. and since it's 7:24 on sunday morning, i must excuse myself. there is a newspaper to be read and coffee to be savored as the sun makes its entrance through the trees.