Friday, April 23, 2010

how to have an amazing friday

  1. understand that it's friday (sometimes this is all it takes).
  2. drift off reading a fantastic story at 9:15 pm on thursday and sleep for a full eight hours.
  3. wear something colorful and maybe a little age-inappropriate.
  4. show up.
  5. be open to happy surprises and shifts of fate (even the scary kind).
  6. every hour on the hour, pause and acknowledge something or someone with gratitude.
  7. write down a word that represents your wildest dream, the dream that feels so far off and impossible that even writing the word is bizarre.
  8. stare at the word, art it up if you'd like. no wait, let's not make that optional: art it up.
  9. go there. see it. be it. now trace your steps backwards. not that impossible after all.
  10. have a treat. here are some ideas: a nap, a long lunch, a walk in spring's gorgeousness, a massage, a chat with an old friend...
  11. love this day. love this beautiful life.
happy, happy day friends.