Saturday, October 9, 2010

what i learned at my first wedding shoot

  • there are lots of good reasons some photographers charge thousands of dollars to do a wedding (it's hard work!).
  • i was right not to wear a dress and heels.
  • when it's unseasonably hot for a late september evening, you can't run around for four hours without drinking any water and expect not to get sick.
  • love lights up an image.
  • every single time.
  • i do much better photographing children, which validates my instinctual desire to use my art to capture happiness in children which in turn balances out the sadness and stress from my day job.  i am certain, however, that the bride did not really want 200 images of her hilarious pixie flower girl.
  • i am happy happy happy behind a camera.
  • any photograph with jamie in it is absolutely beautiful.
  • because she is absolutely beautiful.