Monday, January 7, 2013

my word for 2013

what that means for me today:

  • to be energetic and clean in my body and mind
  • to be in real relationships, with honest connections and shared values and much laughter
  • to have fingers covered in paint, dirt and/or olive oil several times a week
  • peace and safety
  • yoga and walks in the woods
  • to be more delighted with our world, to shift from this persistent disappointment in humankind
  • to learn many many new things


Jennifer said...

I love the makes me HAPPY :) and I love how you wrote what it means to you in this moment because things in our life are always fluctuating and changing. I love that you are giving it the space to be what you need it to be exactly where you are.

You inspire me and make me smile. Sending you so much love. xxoxo

kendalee said...

Oh that sounds like a perfect recipe for being happy - great guiding word! Wishing you all that and more...