Monday, January 28, 2013

word of the year (take two)

i think 2013 may be a double-word year.  i chose happy the first week in january.  happy is a good word.  a good goal.  thing is, it comes with quite a few expectations.  so even though things have been mostly positive around here, i've found myself feeling less than adequate on those days when i'm not rocking the happy.

i'm participating in a year-long self-portrait group, 52 of you.  each week brings a new self-portrait challenge.  during week two, the assignment was "mantra".  so many words floated through my mind and heart (surprisingly, not one of them was happy).  the word soul kept reappearing and softly vibrating, while standing alone or within lines of poetry.

so there you have it:  the word is soul.  the question, "is {whatever} in alignment with what i know in my soul to be true and beautiful?"

it's good to have something deep and meaningful with happy as a backup.  :)