Saturday, January 26, 2013

the road ahead

i'm gearing up to hit the road again next week.  in fact, for the next fifteen weeks, i'm travelling all but two.  i'll cross the commonwealth west to east and north to south, with weekends at home.  i'm still loving this gypsy aspect of my new job and i hope to become a better traveler because of it.  unexpected stuff happens when you travel and you don't have your regular arsenal of coping props nearby, like dogs to play with and baths to lounge in (hotel baths=ew).  i am not a huge fan of unexpected stuff.  my tendency is to over-prepare and control.  i'm slowly learning to let up on the control, be present and lean in to whatever is happening.

still, it's nice when obstacles are minimal.  ganesh has my back; he is the hindu remover of obstacles.  i am not hindu, but ganesh has a generous elephant spirit and extends his protection to all who ask.