Friday, January 18, 2013

snow day

honestly, it was a work day.

and the snow didn't start falling until around 5pm.

this is one of the delights of working (mostly) from home:  having a super flexible schedule.  being able to shut it down at 2, melt some chocolate in coconut milk, plop in a few cardamom marshmallows, cozy up on the sofa and watch two full episodes of sex and the city (from season four, my favorite).

there are a lot of challenges with working at home that i did not anticipate:
  • it's hard to stay motivated to get your work done when you know you can just fit it in whenever.  the dogs (three very loud dogs) bark for ten minutes straight every single day when the mailman comes (apparently it's a daily ritual that they have enjoyed for years, and i cannot seem to convince them that the postman would be so much more impressed with a quiet greeting).   
  • everyone else thinks you are available all the time.  
  • it's easy to get distracted from work by housework, facebook, the need to get out in the sunshine. 
but the benefits far outweigh the challenges.  i am more productive and creative and i am completing a greater level and quality of work than i did in an office environment.  and no drama.

well, except for sex and the city.