Sunday, April 20, 2008

unexpected joy

when I started this blog a few months ago, I had no idea the significant part it would play in my life. surprisingly, I love sharing little stories and posting colorful and unique and ordinary images and creations (others and my own, although I felt a little stupid at first posting my own). I love how something will happen during the day (big or little) and my brain will start to structure it into a short post. this is monumental for me. I'm not a sharing kind of girl. I'm a listener and a solver for 8+ hours a day for 15 years and it's interesting how that bled over into my personal life. it's just so nice to share, even if no one is reading (although I know that krista and hope check in regularly, you are both listeners and solvers too, and I love you for that).

something else that has unexpectedly become part of my day is poking around in others' blogs. I find their lives and art and hopes so interesting and endearing and inspiring. I've added a few of my regular reads to the list at the right.