Wednesday, April 9, 2008

weird childhood

this is my mom being kissed by shamu at sea world circa 1972.

she was chosen from an audience of about 200 to have the pleasure of a two ton giant get intimate with her.

everyone was laughing and clapping as the trainers led her up to the platform. I was petrified and could barely move or speak. shamu cranked up the entertainment quotient by circling his tank several times, building anticipation, before pulling his massive self up out of the water and planting one on my mom.

it was over in an instant. my mom was led back to her seat to wild applause. my dad was practically falling over himself in the hilarity of the moment. I was just relieved that she was safe, would still be my mom, and I wouldn't have go through my life explaining to people that my mom's head was eaten by a killer whale. I finally cracked a tiny smile that eventually exploded into uncontrollable laughter. and I thought, "she is so brave."