Thursday, May 13, 2010

la palette

eyes akimbo lovelies.  color is everywhere.  color week starts monday but the exploration begins now.  here is the line-up for posting:

monday, may 17th: all shades of reds (including pink)
tuesday, may 18th: all shades of blues
wednesday, may 19th: yellows and/or oranges
thursday, may 20th: purples
friday, may 21st: all shades of greens
saturday, may 22nd: rainbow/multi and/or whites/greys
i will put a blogroll for color seekers on my sidebar.  please join the flickr group too. 

click here for the introduction post with some guidelines.  since this an art experience, don't be too concerned with rules.  just show us how you experience the color of the day.
and lovelies, there will be a prize.  on sunday the 23rd, i will draw a name from all who participated all six days of color week to receive a giftie.