Monday, May 24, 2010

picnic {№4}

as i was rushing out of the office on friday afternoon, eager to dissolve into the weekend, a coworker asked me about my plans.  "oh, really nothing, just relaxing...", i replied.  somehow over the next two days, the "nothing" part was buried in a flurry of activity.  at the end of the day on sunday, i discovered that my weekend was missing some sweet lazy time and it was too late for a proper picnic.  so i improvised.

i lit candles on the backyard patio, just as the sun was making her exit, leaving a sulty twilight in her wake.  ken ran to the corner for chinese takeout.  it was the inaugural event on the table i painted last weekend.

as we sat there enjoying our lo mein, i realized that this is why we put so much effort into having an outdoor space to escape to.  it was right there, easily accesssible, private, quiet, beautiful.

we caught up on each other's weeks and really talked about things that get pushed aside in the rush of everyday life.  like french macarons vs. coconut macaroons (i prefer the first, he the latter.).  and whether our dogs will feel abandoned at the kennel when we go on vacation.  and charles bukowski.  and heaven.

we sat togother in alternating moments of thought, talk, laughter, listening, silence.  we sat there until the first fireflies of the season made their presence known in the little forest behind the house.

i feel blessed and grateful.  i love these moments in life when i have no agenda but to work on my beautiful soul.

i wish you a million beautiful soul moments this week my friends.