Thursday, May 27, 2010

thoughts on growing up

the original title for this post was "thoughts on growing older".  i don't know what it says about me that i couldn't bring myself to use that title, but there you go.  at half-way through my 45th year, i still feel (and often act) like a kid. denial is buffering me like a big ol' fluffy feather comforter. 

but i've been forced to shift a bit in the past twelve months.  who knew that your body and mind keep moving ahead while your happy little soul frolics blindly in the land of youth?

here's what i've learned so far:

beware the doomsayers.  yes, dr. n., i am talking to you.  any book or website or show that makes you think just kill me now should be avoided at all costs.  i found that the human development theories are much kinder to the human race when it comes to aging.  

nostaligia is one of the sweetest emotions out there.  you are officially entitled to more of it.

move blocks of your investment portfolio to funky eyewear companies.

explore the idea of the archetype.  this book introduces several:  the lover, the artist, the adventurer, the seeker.  so much better than (gasp!) the crone.  i want to be all of them.  except the crone.

strangely, it becomes easier to take care of your body than when you were 23.  health is everything.

procrastination is a thing of the past.  go on and do it.  now.

it's time to deal with your demons.  and it's really not so bad.  you will win.  watch this dvd

smile, you're fabulous.

p.s.  one more thing i love about being 45:  you don't have to pretend to like things like lady gaga just because everybody else does for some reason you totally don't get.