Saturday, May 1, 2010

contemplating bigness

i spent some time this morning in a vintage globe shop that i happened upon as i drove to the farmer's market.  inside the glass door of this tiny corner storefront in my little downtown lives a variety of colorful wee worlds.  and andrew.  when i arrived, andrew was in the back studio carefully swaddling a giant antique globe in the process of restoration.  he invited me back to have a look and so commenced my first lesson in the art and love of the globe. 

i felt like i was on the best field trip ever (sans permission slip) as andrew showed me a bit of his process and talked passionately about the history of some of the globes.  as he talked and i photographed, he shared that his favorite part of the old globes was where the color is worn from someone touching a location over and over again.  erosion caused by fingers grazing a beloved homeland for instant connection or teaching a child about mozambique...tibet...phoenix or dreaming of a faraway destination in wanderlust.  i thought to myself, "here is a human being fully alive in his work."  it was beyond inspirational.

lately my own work leaves me feeling ineffective.  and silenced.  i do not believe that meeting andrew today was an accident or happenstance.  his love for his work was palpable and an energy i needed to feel.  i want that joy in my life.  i no longer want to play it small.  the color is worn on the place called bigness because i wistfully touch it over and over and over again.