Wednesday, May 5, 2010

who wants color?

a lovely blog friend recently said, "i love the color in your world."  it's true, i strive to live in a way that i see and use vibrant color to remind me that life is beautiful and full of energy, even when i'm not feeling it.  our world is brimming with colors in all hues and tones and combinations, right there in front of us.  we need simply to live with awareness and see.

i love participating in color weeks and other color assignments because it brings me to the foundation of seeing color.  it's everywhere and we are so conditioned to not notice.  i'd love to host another color week the week of may 17th.  let me know in comments if you would like to participate. 

if you are new to color week, there will be a color for each day and your assignment will be to seek it and capture it with your camera and then post it on your blog or on flickr.  it's more exercise in awareness than photography contest.  i'm thinking i might start a flickr group for all of our color week images.  i'm toying with the idea of having some optional writing prompts as well.

so let me know if you are in.  and if you would like to see a particular color in the line-up, let me know that as well.