Friday, July 2, 2010

five senses friday {san francisco edition}

  • a thousand red silk lanterns blowing in the westerly wind
  • california sunsets.  i miss them.
  • the giant full moon over the city
  • an entire city decorated with rainbows

  • the clank and bells of the trolleys
  • barking sea lions at pier 39
  • packed in tight on the 8x through chinatown
  • the weird silence of a suddenly empty trolley

  • apricot and fig samples at the ferry building farmers market
  • even with all the foodie options the city offers, i must have clam chowder in a boudin sourdough bowl and an anchor steam at least once per visit
  • chrysamthemum and red rose tea
  • the perfection of the carne asada taco with avocado at la taqueria in the mission
  • the zuni burger.  sweet jesus on market st.  the zuni burger.

  • roasting duck and brewing tea
  • salted air
  • it may be my imagination, but i think coffee smells even better while sitting on a park bench at the edge of the city in the cold wind waiting for the sunset

  • the cold pacific rushing in to say hello, welcome back
  • mia (all 104 lbs of her) instinctively putting a protective arm through mine and confidently navigating me through a dodgy section of sidewalk in the tenderloin.  it was total role reversal.  in a good way.
happy weekend friends.  more san francisco memories to come.  there are many.