Friday, July 30, 2010

five senses friday*

  • the abundance of gorgeous juicy july tomatoes
  • with the ayurvedic diet, you eat according to your dosha.  i'm pitta, so that means foods that are sweet, bitter, astringent.  turns out, the tastes i love the most--bold and spicy--are the ones i should be moderating.  not sure how i feel about this...
  • if you are a regular listener of speaking of faith, you know that the music accompanying the talk penetrates your soul.  when you visit each show's page, you can stream the entire soundtrack for that episode.  beautiful.
  • in the mood for some silence.  my own, particularly.  sometimes, the words clog up the flow and i need a break from my own rambling.  i'm participating in susannah conway's august break...for the entire month of august, it's photos only here.  every day.
  • a lavender field
  • just when i'm trying to be more spiritual, the autumn catalogs start arriving and the beast of a material girl stirs inside.  it's war.  i'm talking to you boden and j.crew.
  • but wait...the boots, the coats, the cardigans...a polkadot coat for pete's sake.  i'm a goner...
  • yesterday afternoon, i was sitting in the purple adirondak when a quick and dirty thunderstorm came through.  i closed my eyes and felt the progress from hot stickiness to gentle wind to soft rain to pounding shower.  i rode the whole ride.
happy weekend beautiful souls.

*fsf inspired by abby.