Thursday, July 22, 2010

oh hi there universe

was that you who recently moved from a whisper to a scream?  i realize that often i'm not the best listener.  especially when things get busy and chaotic and i find myself navigating through this fog of disception and distortion like a princess warrior.  i know, i know...this is when my heart and soul should be most in tune with your messages.  but you see, i get a little cocky from time to time and behave as if i have all the answers and totally know what to do without any help from anyone.  i catch bits and snippets from you here and there that make such sense to me but i'm so involved with fighting the good fight and winning the game that i tuck them away for another time.  and then there's that whole trust issue...

today, i am hitting pause and rewind in order to review your increasingly clear and obvious messages.  you know what's good for me.  i hear you.