Wednesday, January 19, 2011

no lazy for me

i love my downtime.  i am a staunch supporter of vegging out and the frequent afternoon nap.  people, i simply excel at lazy. 

i've recently added two new activities on top of the day job that seriously cut into my relaxation zone.  i try to make it to bikram yoga at least four times per week (i'd go every day if my schedule could afford the substantial time committment--90-minute class plus 30-minute pre-class heat acclimation plus commute plus mandatory post-hotroom shower). 

and last night was the first meeting of the class i'm teaching this semester at randolph college

normally, i resent things (even things i've chosen!) that cut into my daily lounging practice.  but i've been pleasantly surprised that the yoga leaves me more rejuvenated than most naps i've indulged in.  and my class:  what can i say?  fourteen bright curious minds to stretch my heart and mind and help me remember what i love about life.

the sofa can wait.